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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  May 24, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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3& at least seven shot in where viollnce is breaking out . bay.(20:06::9) "its been anythhng that bad." massive fish kill. kill.. temperatures creeping holiday weekend in my skywatch . forecast.and a surprise for the family of maryland marrne. the heartwarming moment at a bowie bay sox game. heelo,... i'm jeff barnd barndd..ann i'm jennifer gilbertit's been a very violenttnight in baltimore. baltimore.7... people are shot.../3 ... are 33 ...separate locations... locations...janice park... live... in east baltimore... /aa the scene of &pone of the shootings.../ there?we are aa the scene of a &ptriple hooting where it is confirmed one person is dead.
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one man living on this described this as a pitiful sstuation. this is an area where children are walking up and down the streets nd we are juut steps heee from a church pooice heck out he deadly scene at preston and nortt heard multiple gunshots and - when they walked out of their dying on their street. onee persoo has dieddand the conditions f the two others is unknownn peoppe living on this street blame this triple shooting on youth violence peighborhood: 3 "ijeard 5 was shot deadd sot "itts pitiful...take a life".
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mid this violence the people we just spoke to say what you see behiid me is anotter not be cut in the city. live d - in east baltimore jp fo 45 nees at 10 in the evening...just after - 6...a gunman opened fire on west fayette street...just a couple blocks north of west baltimore strret...3 people were person died... 2 others weer injuued. ...juss a half an hour later... a man was shot in an alley of the intersection of cold spring ane...poliie were stillllooking for clues when we wwre word on any suspects. police... p want you to fight back... on... a crime... thatt ccureddat an areaa.. convenienceestore. store. police say... security video ...confirms... passstealinn merchaadise... from ..a.. downtown 7-11 yesttrday.../. thee.. police up to... 40 teens may have been involved ... and... some oo them... were... hitting... store employees &p....ho tried tt block them...
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from leaving the storee..//.. so.. far...the... store manaaer... also says ... several thousand dollars... in... were ssooen from his - word .../ of any arrests. tte hunt for the perssn who kiiled a man ii northwest baltimore....continues a month aaterrthe murder....and now... they hope a new peice of innormation leads them to the killer. crime anddjusttce through what happened that uu - nnght......and shows us theii new clue. clue. ((pkg))(may shorten if needed) 11:05:07 (woman) itts too much the killing the shooting it's poo much. 52 year old floyd dorsey.... was just trying to murdered.10:59:29 i had just talked to him thha orning around this time joking and parland marshall liies in the same neighborrood .... he &ppow avoids coming out at nigh. (man) 11:00:24 i'm 77 years old i can't run it's been a ddteccives now have a sketch... of the an....
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eyewitnesses say ttey saw.(33 phot) 11:01:57 look amiliar noo we know everybody around here. a close community ..... still saddened by the events that uufolded.stand up 11:40:48 dorsey had just walking to his front porch whennhe was approached. eyewitnesses say the last hands in the air and the last thing they heard was the gunfire.(marionn 11:03:23 they shot husband came out husband called the paraaedics tried to save him.... buu e had been shot fouu timess only get solved if someone steps forward with information. (sgttaathony smith))10:00:35 if anyyne knows ttis individual please call ouu homicide investigators(2-shht) 11:04:46 eventually i hope theyycatch him i don't care who it is in northwest baltimore joo lepola fox 45 nees at ten. pn unlicensed cab driver will spend the reet of his lifee beeind bars for raping a woman in 2010.samuel queen was
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seetenced oday t two liff terms... plus more than 60 imprisonment. prosecutors say - heepickeddup the victim aa a bus stop on belair road, then sexually assaulted her at and knife point. a jury convicted him earlier this onth. an.. anne arundel counny man... admits to tricking... out of... hundreds of thousands of dollaas.../. pe.. spokk with the victtm... tommy 3&2-yearr a by a man... ..- who... "befriended" him..../. prosecctors... ssy... eugeee hinson... trickee ttmmy... into ....iiing him... more than 250 thousandddollars.. over....thhee convinced.. tommy o - &pco-sign... on... vehicle purchases... apply for loans....and on his home .. also opened.. 16 credit cards in tommys name: he filled them ouu signed my s name to it.. i didnt know he wassusing them for my thing i'm gettinn these statements innthe mail" mail" (states attorneyyfrank
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weathersbee) [6]"which mr henson used to bby things for cars for his children" children" hinssn.. &ppled... guilty this week.. anddwas entenced to 18 months in prison..../ he... was also ordered pay restitution.. tt tommy. foxx5 ttems up with the most popular crime-mappingg website.../ spotcrime racks criminal activity in your neighborhood.../and ill ssnd happens..../go... &pto fox-baltimore dot com... / click on spot crime in the "hot topiis" section.../ tragedy on the eastern horeea father and his tww teenager sons.... die, in what appears accident.the three bodies were recooered from a large manure pit on a farm in kennedyville, pent county, where they wwrked. the victims have been two of his ssns, kelvin, and cleason.... all from peach bottom,'s not clear how ttey ended up a... smoking - suitcase... leddto tense moments ... marshall airport..
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p today..../ground.. while moving luggage... from a baggage check area... to an aircraft.../.... bomb... disposal robot... was but.. it... turns out... it... was just a an of hairspray... venting... inside the suitcase. aafollow-up tooa waste watch story you saw "first on fox"we told you monday... baltimore's... hilton convention hottl... john rydell 3 &preports...the peoppe who &pbrokered the deal...and explaining whatthappened... happened... when the hilton opened nearly four years was hailed as a huge bbost for baltimore's convention trade. but then the recession hit. in &ptheepast year...the city-owne &philtto...lost mooe thann-&p11 2008...overall osses...have totaled...54-million. (rydell)
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million laat year, the hhd to wwthdraw nearly $4 million from a reserve bond to finance tte hotel.""everyone is affected byythe recession." but jay brodie...who headsof the baltimore evelopment now responding. ((rodie) "is it a paper loss yes, t is a cash loss, no, ii is a loss to the pitizens of baltimore city, absolutely not."brodie...says alllbills relatee to operatinn the ilton have been paid on raising our game to the point collectively to market the city of baltimore to groups where we need to be."but a professor of public policy at the university of tteas...says there is simply tto much business...that's not growwngg...(sanddrs) "tte convention business overall is overbuilt, there are far too many ccnventionncenters across the couutry chasing essentialy a fixed pool of business"but baltimore tourism officials say they're hoping for a partial reccvery. (calvert)
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&p"we're encouraged by the number oo cooventioos that we continue to be able to host evvn in a down economy."but figures....hilton's days of turning a profit...may still joon rydell, fox 45 news aa ten. &p hilton officials are hoppnn to iicrrase the percentage of rooms rented it's our duty to hold elected officials can do that by joining our fox45 waste watch.if you ave a call our otline... can also log onto our website fox baltimore dot com and click on waste watch. that brrngs us to our question city of baltimore shoulddbe in phe hotel business? bbsiness? here's a look at our facebook page...most of should be in the hotel ty by going to facebook dot com slash fox-baltimore there's a nnw effort to find motorists who rrn't buckling up after dark. dark. statt police say that in more than half the fatal accidents
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victim is not wearing a seat belt.and tonight... baltimore city, baltimore countyyand maryland state police nd taking part in a night-time click it or ticket program. &p" i think wheeever some one gets a citiation it grabs &pthereeattention...yoo might saae your life or someone elsss. peses. police are slowing praffic to check to make suree tonight....several years ago state police actually tried uuing night vision goggles to &ppo it, but ttat plan was a former marine surprises his family at home pl. plate....karen parks joins us now and was a baseball game that tuuned into a homecoming for one maryland family.....karen? karen? former u.s. marine ma militaryysupport &pstaff.......returned from affhanistan after spending
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family......e says......this is the longeet he has everr been awwy......and wanted to ppecial....... (2:13)we come here for fireworks....on friday....we come here at least three times baseball game for former marine marcus sr and his family is more than just a game......(:44)today im returning from the first 4-5 mos work period from afghanistan im' supportiig thhe soldiers..... its a homecoming.........(1:02)this will be the first time i come speciaa ne..... smith's - son...... 12-year old.marcus junior expects to exchange line up cardss ith the pmpire's........not xppcting to seeehis dad.....(1:50)he hhs no clue...... also dressed to play ball..... (10:39)how ya doinngtonightt... (10:57)hoo are you ud im jeff...(11:00)how ya doing.....nick....(11:00)nice to meet you som im yourr father.......(hugs ann ccies) its a meeting on the
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amaaed to see my dad ivv been dreaming about this ayy or long months.....(14407)i was expecting to eet the umpires and get this over with when i moment.....a moment of surprise......(15:37)he's a young mon now and he's taller.....that brings this family ttgether again....... (17:01)i'lllnever forget it for thh rest of my life. 3 smitt has two weeks with his family......then he goes back to afgganistan for another 4 months....karen parks, fox44 &pnews at ten 3 look at that... horses... amuse a crowd...a shocking look t how some show horses are treaaed...innour cover story... in jjss 15 minutes nats"hey! stop banging your head!" also ahead...a man loses
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it... in the back of a police cruiser...why he was arrested...... and the unusual things they found on him... later on ox45 news t tenn and i'm keith daniels....theee's word tonniht out of baltimore county... roughly 2-thousand people will lose theirrjobs.... oming up... where's the commany.. and why the job cuts... 3
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[ male announcer ] everyone at southwest airlines works together for one goal: to get you where you're going. and with flights all over the country to choose from, it's a good thing we love our work. and now we're excited to take you to the beaches of northwest florida. fly nonstop from bwi airport to panama city beach, florida. book all of our destinations online only at book all of our destinations online almost 2-thousand steel
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offjobs. it's grim news out of sparrows point tonight. keith daniels is here now with word company place next month.. keith. jennifer..... it's the r-g steel plant..... &p tte company is in line with federal law.. which says phey must give notice to employees when announcing layoffs. and tonight, they say, those job cuts will june. e..- take a good look...traffic coming and going, a slow flow of employees at the r-g steel planttin sparrows point..'s aa mage ttat many believe will soon become just a memory.... wwth word of layoffss. roughll 2,000 workers willlbe let go.. the &pnews made official with an gibson.....(gibsonn "it's just uh, tough times....."......has &pbeen at tte mill for nearly 4 years.... bacc when it wws bethlehem steel, now it's r-g.. where his days are now numbered.(gibson) "oo yea, it
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bothhree me..expected to work 4 or 5 more years, at least 62, 65. lots of us planned to worrk. healthcare, big tting down there now. that's why a lot of people hang around, healthcare." gibsoo is washing down his disaapointing dilema t mickey's bar near workers in the area...... pbut manager toni catris.... (catris) "itts ust slowed down, like nothing..." ........sayy businees hhs dropped.. ann will simply get worse with rg steel's plann to idde operations in sparrows poinn.(catris) "this is the thiid generation ttattwe're here.. we're the third micky's.. and hopefully we can pull it off a fourth generatin. but the waa it's going,,it's just, it's kinda scaay.."........grim news, they say, that trickles down from the plant to its suppliers, including workers at nelson's box compaayy. who liie gibson...are at micky's.....(jjnes) "so, that meaassif we can't send material ovvr there, ttaa means that therees no work for us. so, that shortens the
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means unemmloyment and thatt makes more problems on the productive. the work just isn't here." selling tte plant. r-g is & steel bought the mill last year.. and has struggled financially ever siicee keith daniels, fox 45 news at ten. a developing story now... "smart-meters" from b-g-e... ...will be allowee to ddfer installation.some people are concerned about the safety of &pthe newwmeterr.the public tryiig to decide if it will -3 program ermanently the... g-s-a worker... at the center ... of... the convention scandal......has... unccear... whether ...jeff -&n or... was forced ouu..../the... conferrnce n 820-thousand s.. dollars. a suucessful cyber attaak against al-qaeda's rchestrated bb american ddppoma.
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diplomats. the state department actually swapped out the terrorist group's aas on its own webbite.. thee replaced the radical mmterial with statistics aaout how many muslims allqaada has killed in their bombing attacks. secretary f state hillary clinton says it's part off their new cyber approoch to diirupt and attackkthe terrorist propaganda machine. 3 3"ttis kind of ideological battte is low and incremental, but i think it's because what sustains al-qaedaa and its terrorist affillatts is the steedd flow of ew recru" recruits." clinton later went on to say thattal qaeda in the arabian eninsulaais phe most dangerous ranch of the group....that branch in yemee was behiid the recenn áattemptá to attack aa american airliner. the... first... african-american... to praduate ... from the ...u-s... naval academy.... has died diedwwsley brown... tarted... at the
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acaaemy... in 19--5.../.he... spent... 20 years and... rettred with ...the rann of... lieutenant commander/ was... a... world war 2,... vietnam war... vet.../.he.. was... 80 years old boaters could be a smelly holiday on the phesapeake bay. dead fish are turning up everywhere.... and as jeff abell shows us, scientistssthink they knoo whats killing them. them. (20:16::0) (houses and docks) on marley creek today.......he waters were p20:00:43) "its nothing (20:01:05) "and here's rockfish, carp, whitiig, there's a blue striper over there...." monday morning, neighhors, along marley, furnace nd curtis creeks, wokk up to a smell they couldn't essape. p20:05:50) (dave ziranski) "went down and walked along &pthe shoreline and seen thousands of dead fish everywhere. and they were still in the water at that &ppoint swimming and trying to get air, i guess...." dave ziranski has lived on maryley creek all his life.... (20:06:29) "its been inttowater ats) at the
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department f environmmnt, scientists say the water is so polluted....that even crabs re choking for air...... (20:24:15) "the crabs are literally coming out of the water...." (20:23:55) "there's a little it of oxygen right at the surface barely enough to survive...." growing number of algae blooms combined with greater amount of runoff....haveeleft the water in critical condition. this was the scene in baltimore ttday....wwere dead fish were beginning to wash into the inner harbor.... (20:22:40) "weewereehoping appareenly we've got a fish t kill and its continuing and until things stabilize we'll ccntinue to see dead fish....." (20:01:11) "every fish is beinn affected...." in &pglen burnne....little is surviving..... but a lot is fox 45, news at ten. 3 scientisss say thissyears fish kill issthe worst in a quarter century. humid day day 3yeah 3vytas vytas
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3 some... are... getting out... of the claasroom..../ . and... into shape.
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shapp.---one, ttoo three four---- 3 it was fit ffmmlies field day at thh hopkins track and &pfield.... our very own patric harris met up with students ffom the stadium school. the program was started by monte sanders .. personal trainer to hopes to tackle childhood ees - obessty... by teaching kids hoo to stay active. but living a healthy llfestyle.... means getting their families involved. 3"p.e class is just not enouuh, youve got tooengage the family, so what we do with this class is not work out, trying to get themm o eat right and become ore accive, but to try and get them to become the voice of the family, say look mom i want more waterr hey i want more fruits and vegetabbes and then that way it becomes a little but more encouragiit to the family. 3 sandersshas been working with students all year... preparing them to ompete in theefiild day activities. 3 20024:32 "good girl!" ((hasing after toys in the play ard) yyad)
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these lovable dogs...being bred... for fighting...their caring rescue......and ppeparation for aaoption... ...but next...the shocking way some show horses... are abused...and the push to stop our cover story... after theebreak 
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we gotta sell the car. where would we even start? get the car. hi howard. get in. hi, good to see you.
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start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here. show horses are trained.ain -
10:28 pm brian todd reports in ouu ccverrstory tonight the the humane society has released undercover video to prove its claims of rueety. cruelty. it's called the 'big lick''- prized at waaking-hoose competitionss..sometimes, this is how trainers ggt their horses to do that high-step-- application of chemiiaas like oillof-mustard, and even diesel fuel, to the ankle it's illegal.this is undercover video shot last year, by investigators from tte humane society of the u-s.. allegedly shooing trainers at a stable in colllersville,, tennessee applying those irritants to how horses... wrapping their ankles with &ptape ann cllophaneeto 'cook' the chemicals into theer on the horses' feet.the ains - pnimals are learly in discoofort..the result: a big- lift of the eet.but that's not all..brian: "what are they doing herr?dane: "this is an example of a practice called stewarding. it's teaching the
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po a mock inspection of the ey horse's feet. and iffthey won't stand still, if thhy flinch in respoose to the &ppain, hen they ggt hit in h head. nn it teaches them not to respond to the pain."the trainer in this video, jjckie mcconnell, and thhee others were named in a 52-count hhs lawyer tells ssmcconnell - will soon plead guilty to one count of conspiracy to violate tth federal horse rotection acttdave urner owns a boording and breeding faam outside washiigton.he says he used to traan walking-horses, but stopped years ago- bbcause of thh practtce of 'soring'. brian: what does the soring do to these horses, long-term? turrer: it puts them in agony for their entire show career. they keep thhm for weeks before a show, sore- so ttat grounds, thee wwll do the says soringgcan leave turner for a spin around turner's pasture...he's a disciplined, content creature.expertsssay
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have a naturally high-stepping gait anyway, soodave- is sorrng, that technique, is it even necessary in some of these competitions?turner: nice tepping-gaat that s crowd-pleasing.but it's these exaggerated gaits, he says, that wii big prizes at officiaa at one of those events, the tennessee alking-horse national celebration, says the abuse in this video ii ''nexcusable'.brian: and this is still a money-making enterprise?turner: on a small scale for a couppe of thousand this thing down finally.dave still use soring techniques are increasingly becoming pariahs in the horse community. pppsi-co has said that it's pulling out as a walking horse national e - celebration this summer- it's oneeof the biggest competitions arounddwhen asked if that decision was related spokesman ouldn't say.brian todd, fort wassington, maryyand.
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3 nats"hey! stop banging yyur head!"" this mannloses it... in the back of a police ruiser...why he was arrested...... and massivv amount of cash they found on on fox45 news at ten ...and the thing the other american iddl winner phillip phillips...right after the break 3 3
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you ready buddy? you're probably not getting called up to the majors. but your fence? that's pro. finish like a pro with cabot wood stains. cabot...that's pro. police... say... a
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new jersey man ... implicated himself... in a... decades-old... missing child case.../. &pcase.../. 6... -yea disappeared... while... walking to schooo... &pin... nnw york city... in are... now questioning... pedro hernandez.../ bloomberg saas: "weehave a &psuspect in custody who has made a statement to the nypdd implicating himself in the disappearance of etan pptz 33 years aao. let me caution pou, however, that there's still a lot moor investigattng to do. . and as a father i just can't imagineewhat they've gone through, and i certainly hope thaa we are them some measure of reeief." relief." patz's...
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disappearance... was in the news last mmnth.../ ripped-up... a basement ... of... a.. new york city builddng... to search for evidence.../ an anesthesiologist arrested for -u-i goes n a rampage in the bbck of a florida highway patrol cruiser. "all of the officers are steeling my money! stealing my money!" "hey! stop banging your head!" heed!!that's dr. zzch birddgoing bezzrk in the say the anesthesiologist was driving early sunday orning &p40-thousand dollars cash. an another 14-grand in the car. when they ook dr. bird out of onto thh, along - witt d-u-i, he's charged withh
10:36 pm
resistinggarrest with violence, and property damage, an.. arizonaajury finds... a man guilty... after he tried using the internet ... to get back... at his son's ...assistanttprincipa. principal.policeesay .... he set up a fake ppofile... on... an... x- rated pebsite... that looked like... it belonged... to the school fficial./ the reason?the... father thought... the man... took his son's i-pod... and... never gave ii back/. the ... assisttnt priicipal... ound out... about after ... applying... for - anooher job....// thh.. county llsson... for everyone. (("it probably is not a bad idea for individuals o google their own name on the internet and see whats out there.")) there.")))hh ffthee... will be sentenced in june../. as.. por the assistant principal... / he was just promottd to principal. 3
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132 milliin votes made phillip philllps... your new american il idolcandace dold caught up with him... and the other finalists...right after his winning moment moment 3 3 & 3
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3 3
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3&pp0:28:32 "youure so good... i love you" you" abused... and bread for
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fighting...the caring way... they were prepared for adoption...later on fox45 newss at ten p...and the unique way... &pone of the top beach - destinations this weekend... after theebrrak [ jared ] uh, michael?
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you know... big game... that was sort of supposed to be for all of us. [ slurping ] [ male announcer ] give 'em what they love. subway! giant subs, sandwich and cookie platters. and big-time value. subway catering. order today! laundry detergents may seem
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convenient ...but thh american aasociatiin of poison contrrl cenners says they're exxremely infants.there havv beenna growiig number of instances phe small packets anddhave vomited, become unresponsive ventilators.poison contrrl centers are urging parents and caregivers to make surr these laundry detergent packets are out of reach of youngsters.. what.. you don't knnw about applee... interactive voice..., siri,... wired magazine... - reports... siri and other data collectinn appss.. at risk. risk.the... software license agreement for apple i-phone... says.. when you use siri... or dictation,... the things yoo say will bb recorded... sent to apple... and ...ccnverted into text/.
10:47 pm
collects other information... like names in your address bookk.. and... sensitiveeuser data/.the... objective - to help.. siri... critics say siri - inforration../ - . utting... it out there... for cyber thieves to steal. good news ... beach... for memorial day../.. parking... n... one of delaware's top is... about to become ...more c. tonight'' word on the web, carrie peirce explains how you can pay for parking with a ew app. app. 3 forget the quarters... starting thissweekend all you need to feed the meter is a smartphone. rehoboth beach officials are now allowing driverr to pay for parring with an app from park mobile. once you pre-regiiter for he number on the meterrinto your's also handy for if your spot hhs a time llmitt abouu 15 minutes before it ge -
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pxpires.right now, parking fees are a dollar 50 an hour. doonloading the app is free, but anyone using the serrice will pay n extra 50 cents ffr pach transactionn.... 35 cents poes to park mobiie.....the rest goes to the cityy can still use the traditional method of paying with quarters, but the city has done away with the credit ccrrie peirce and thats your word on the web. 20:06:46 "all six of ttese dogs are extremely smart and they caught on quickly." quickly." but next... from rescue... to rehab...the ready for a caring family... after the break
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he hasn't played in a game for over a year, but all of that brian roberts is back on the baseball field.. field.. the orioles veteran second baseman has beguu his rehab sttnt with the double a bowie only 96 games since the end of the '09 season...recovering from the nagging effects of a concuusion, roberts can stay on rehab ffr up to 20 days, ann has said that he expeccs to use all 20...he's juut happy to be back on the field... 3 &phigh school girlss 4a-3a championship...severna
10:52 pm
park and estminster...severna park's ttam struck y a terrible tragedy on may 10th when sophomore midfielder tracy vander olk died uneepectedly...her twin sister rachel is a goalie for the falcons...the team rallied around the vander kolks and tonight they beat the owlss championship in 22 years... students painted with the number 15 to honor tracy as the emotiooal falcons tooo a break from mourning to celebrate... the big dvantage ravens rookies have over last yeer's loyola's game against notre dame...coming up at 11-30 on the late edition... a teerible case oo animal cruelty...turnn into a happy tale...for six pit bulls rescued in baltimore county. believed.. the dogs... were being bred... for fighting.../ and... even used 'bait' dogs in fights. fights.many were in rough shhpe. buu melinda roeder reports... they have all been trained... and turned-around. and they're now ready for a ggod home.
10:53 pm
20:25::0 "go get it!((bite - when you see them start toplay...)20:24:32 "goodd girl!" (chasing afterrtoys in the play yard)when you see that tail wag... and the ppring in her'sshard to believe "maris" came from such a horrible environment. 20018:28 "she was found in the basement... it was dark, it was dank."maris is one of 6 pit bulls rescued from a suspected dog fighting ring in baltimore county.(mug shot frim file pkg) her former owner - noo servinn ttme on 18 counts of nimal cruelty.but for these lovableecanines... 20:28:32 "you're ss ggod... i pove you" it's finnlly time... to go home.they just need o ttem in.standup - with meme 20:48:48 "when these dogs were firsttrescued... a very long way."19:54:20 (nats of calling bridgette) (dog jumps on couch) this is bridgette.... another oneeof the escues...who's ppoven to be much morr of a - calls her in for kisses
10:54 pm
sweet girl. very well behaved,, pell-adjusted. they have wonderful temperaments." christine lando spent everal months traiiing each of phem... 20:11:29 "bridgette, sit! yes!"working on tricks and good manners20:06:04 "thhy know stay and they've all had impulse control trainiig as here at the shelter were leary of how the dogs mighh behave.. given their past. 19:49958-19:50:11 "but when they started oming out... wanted to be loved. they were just craving human attention doubts about thhir - any disposition... have een well..... licked!19:48:02 - kksses "ttank yoo"20:06646 "all six of these dogs aae extremely smart and they caught on quickly."now... all that's left is ffr them to be adopted. then... this successful tale of rescce and rehab...will be complete.and the volunteers who've helped phem thhouuh he process...
10:55 pm
couldn't be more doggone ppoud. 20:08:24 "i am going to miss them terribly... don't make me tear up on camera."melinda roeder... fox 45 news at ten. 3 climber.what he had to say about his mount everest adventure. 3&...and coming up in just 5 edition... a crime that lacked a lot of made it very easy for police. pnd if firss you don't police in colorado dealt wiih a bear of a problem. any seven yearrolds arr
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busy climbing trees ... but oneeis climbing mount everest. aaryan... bal-a-ji... becoming... the youngest person ever... to... trek to the everest bass camp... this month.../ he.. reached... the height ...of... balaji says, "it was the feeling i have ever had innthis is nnt record making but i want to how my son the atmosshere of everest base camp, having experienced it ii 2004 along with the navy team." team." exploring
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runs in he family ./ .. aaryan's father previously climbed the mountain .. in addition.. tt skiing the north and south poles.. 3 we're... tracking... a violeet night... as... seven eopll ... incidents.../. pelcome.. to... the late edition,... i'm jeff arn. barnd. and i'm jennifer gilbert. thhee peopll have died in the ssene. there was a singlee fatal shooting in north baltimore, the first trippe shooting in the southwest, then the seconn on preston street. janice park explains what happened at the east baltimore shooting. shooting.


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